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Financial Coaching

Human resources is about finding and retaining the best candidate for a position. On this page, you will find ways to build yourself or business to get past the first step which is often a background check. During a background check, employers or creditors often check your credit reports to see how responsible you are when paying debts. For a personal consultation, fill out the form on the more info page and someone will get in touch with you. You may also call 501-396-9649 to speak to someone today!

Learn how to choose a bank account, review services, and balance a checkbook and much more.

Have your house in order. Literally! Budgeting helps eliminates wasteful spending. Learn how to create a budget that you can stick to.

Employers, suppliers, vendors, partners, ect. want to know if you or your business would be a risk to their business. It is important to show that you are responsible with your money and therefore will not be reckless when it comes to helping them preserve or elevate theirs.

Resume Building


What education, on-the-job training, or volunteer experience have you acquired?

Ex: Degree, Diploma, Certification, License, Organization membership


What have you learned and how can you apply that knowledge?

Ex: Proficient in Microsoft Word applications; Exceptional in Computer Programming


What are your talents or character traits that will set you apart?

Ex: Communicator, Negotiator

Interview Review

There are two main questions that can shape the conversation of your interview. Your response should be authentic, unexpected, and can be inquisitive. You want to use this opportunity to learn about the employer and to give them the opportunity to learn something about you other than what you can list on your resume. Often times, employers have a list of questions that they ask to all potential candidates. You want to use this time to stand out.

Tell me about yourself.

Ex: I like caring for dogs.

Reason: This shows that you have compassion for others and enjoy being responsible for someone other than yourself.

Ex: I follow a morning routine.

Reason: This shows that you are methodical and efficient or good at time management.

Do you have any questions?

Ex: What would you change about the current environment or culture of the workplace now?

Reason: Shows that you are not afraid of change

Ex: What do you think are the biggest challenges the company is facing?

Reason: This shows that you want are interested in becoming part of the solution and not a part of the problem.