About Us

The HR Experience was created as a holistic solution to Human Resources. The first focus point is the individual, the human, so that the individual would be able to put their best self forward. Once that is accomplished, then the business becomes the focus point. Once the human is satisfied, it becomes easier to do the business. We believe in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs which means that unless the lower level of needs are met, the higher level needs would be essentially unimportant or harder to achieve.

Mission Statement

Our mission is remove obstacles that would prevent a person from being and staying gainfully employed all the while creating an environment for the employer to have motivated, creative, and inspiring employees so together they can spark changes that would accelerate business growth.


1. Remove obstacles from employees so that they can focus of business performance.

2. Connect best fit employees with employers.

3. Create a business environment so that the employee and employer can flourish.

4. Remove operational and management obstacles from employers so they can focus on growth.